Bring the Gym Home: 5 Great Workout Apps

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In many areas, the weather is starting to turn making it difficult to go for runs, walks, or hikes outside the house. It’s hard enough riding in the cold, rain, sleet, and snow. But just because the weather has turned doesn’t mean you can give up on staying fit. When you’re stuck inside, and a personal trainer isn’t in your budget, there are still ways you can get a great workout in. While yoga is great and does a lot for the rider, it’s not the only type of exercise coach readily available on your smartphone. Here are 5 workout apps that are will push you to your limit and won’t break the bank.

Pear: Who needs a fitness coach in your face when you can have one in your ear? With this app, you’re given a “hands-free, eyes-free” experience. That means you won’t be trying to follow along with a video on your phone, laptop, or tablet — everything you need to do for your workout is said out loud. Pear does suggest that you watch the workout demonstrations beforehand so you know the proper technique for what you’re being asked to do.

Kineticoach: This free app is my new favorite workout app. I’m all about mental and physical health, and this app is mindful of both. Each time you go to work out, Kineticoach will ask you what your mood and energy levels are, plus how much time you want to work out before creating a personalized plan.

Fitstar Personal Trainer: FitBit users, this app is for you! Fitstar takes the fitness activities you track on your FitBit and recommends workouts to help keep your workouts balanced. But you don’t have to have a FitBit to use this app. Just plug in your demographics and you’ll get customized recommendations for workouts.

Keelo: Fans of HIIT and the equestrians who are short on time will want to download this free app immediately. There are tons of workout options that are 20-minutes or less. If you’re not sure where to start, or how to up your fitness goals, there is even a coaching team you can reach out to.

Studio Tone It Up: Staying dedicated to your fitness goals is hard when you don’t have accountability buddies. Thankfully, Studio Tone It Up offers a great community dedicated to supporting and encouraging its members — on top of having great workouts right at your fingertips. Studio Tone It Up does offer some yoga classes, but that’s not all! Barre, dancing, and kickboxing classes are all available. It’s currently only available for iOS but will soon be available for Android as well.

Don’t let bad weather or a tight budget discourage you from reaching your fitness goals. There are amazing apps being launched all the time that focus on fitness tracking or, like these apps, on helping you get your workout in no matter where you are.

Nicole is a writer for Heels Down Media. If she's not writing or editing, she's either running, doing yoga, or at the barn working on becoming a better, stronger dressage rider.

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