Equestrian Fitness: Follow These Instagram Accounts for Fitspiration

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Finding motivation to workout is hard. We work hard, ride hard, and in our down time it’s hard not to throw on Netflix, binge the latest show, and scroll through Instagram. Hitting the gym or pulling out that yoga mat is always a choice and some days it’s harder than most. So in between selfies of you and your horse, give the following accounts a follow for non-stop #fitspiration.

Day 7 of @yoga_girl's #yogaeverydamnday challenge – I did a heart-opening practice with Snowy. I was feeling down because my ride with Delilah didn't go as planned. I took her up into the cow fields today to the top of the mountain behind the barn. Delilah has been totally brave about cows so far. Today we found the entire herd as they came out of the woods toward us. I turned her to face them and started walking toward the cows. They usually turn away and leave us alone. This time they decided to chase us, so Delilah took off and I just stayed centered on her until I could get her stopped and make sure the cows weren't chasing us anymore. I was able to get Delilah back to a relaxed mood, but I felt awful that I inadvertently put her in a situation where she didn't feel safe. The cows have NEVER chased me before, so I don't know what got into them today. So anyway, I was feeling down and wanted to do a practice with Snowy that would boost my mood, and for the most part, it did. Shit happens. Some things are out of my control. Delilah and I didn't get hurt and we still ended on a positive note, so not all is lost. • • • #horseyogagirl #neighmaste #yogagirlchallenge #lifebetweentheears #SillySnowy #HayThereDelilah #appaloosa #arabian #horseyoga #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #equestrianyoga #wheelpose #urdhvadhanurasana #savasana #acroyoga #partneryoga #yogateacher

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Yoga and horses go together like apples and peanut butter. Angela Nuñez’s Instagram account has both: horses, yoga, and yoga on horses. In her posts, Angela describes the poses she’s doing, how her routines go, and how they help her mentally and physically.

An International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Bikini Athlete, this fitstagrammer has shares tons of pictures of her workouts, competitions, and the progress she’s making as she works out. She also shares healthy meal and snack ideas that are perfect for riders on the go.

Carmel Daly, a.k.a. The Athletic Equestrian, is a Fitness coach who focuses on equestrian fitness tips, workouts, and nutrition. Not only does she have great workout ideas on her Instagram page, she also shares amazing recipes, quotes, and of course pictures of her horses.

Do you have a core/abs routine? Often get asked that and honestly all that heavy squatting and deadlifting is already a lot of core work. Isolated core work would be more for creating definition and hitting the lower abs (common post-baby mommy concern). And I do it at most twice a week cos' if done right it works the entire core and more. This is my favourite abs routine which also doubles up as cool-down session since it's done lying down 😀 The tip is SLOW, controlled movements especially on the lowering of the legs and focus on drawing the belly button in. So here are the variations – flip for videos of the 4 variations. The variation with a twist at the top hits the obliques. Same for the crunches. You can do a twist to the side crunch. Try it out and tell me what you think. ✌🏼

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Sharon Tan’s account is the one you need to follow if you’re looking for motivation and inspiration. Each post she makes has a great pep-talk attached and they’re all tagged as #fitover40. Being fit is possible at any age.

Empowering women is what Fit Girls Guide is all about. Workout videos, before and after pictures, and motivational quotes fill this fitstagram account with positive motivation. Being in shape and losing weight is only part of this account’s goal. They want to make sure you’re happy and eating right.

No matter where you find your motivation, make sure it’s motivation that makes you feel good about yourself. If you need a day off, don’t feel guilty. Make a plan. Share your progress and workouts on Instagram too because you never know who you’re going to become #fitspiration for.

Nicole is a writer for Heels Down Media. If she's not writing or editing, she's either running, doing yoga, or at the barn working on becoming a better, stronger dressage rider.

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