Try This 30 Minute Barre-Yoga Workout To Empower Your Mind and Body

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Hybrid workouts can be a rider’s secret weapon to staying in shape. With many different options on ways to mix different types of workouts, it’s hard to decide which ones to go with. For many, Yoga is a staple of their fitness routine, since it can help a rider improve flexibility, balance, focus, and strengthen their core muscles. But when combined with other workouts like Barre, which already has some yoga elements to it, you can get deeper stretches and stronger muscles.

Barre is a hard workout not just because of its ballet roots, but because the entire goal of the workout is to use your muscles to the point of fatigue. That’s right, you want your muscles to shake uncontrollably during and after you’re done with your workout. It means that the muscles are getting toned.

Another great benefit of a Barre workout, according to Wellbridge, is that you can start seeing results fast. Results can include better posture, a stronger core, a more sculpted back — everything we need to be strong and steady riders.

But with how mentally and physically exhausting riding is, finding something that recharges and strengthens the body and mind is necessary. Finding a Barre-Yoga hybrid workout is a great way to do both.

I tried this Yoga-Barre Hybrid Workout from PopSugar and felt amazing afterward. With the workout’s goal being empowerment, after a hard week of bad rides, I needed a pick-me-up. Not just for my body, but for my mind. This hybrid routine definitely helped. Led by Corinne Wainer, co-founder of Shaktibarre, this 30-minute workout uses intervals of yoga poses and barre workouts to create a powerful, stress-relieving routine. I loved the way it made me feel so much that it’s now part of my weekly fitness routine.

Nicole is a writer for Heels Down Media. If she's not writing or editing, she's either running, doing yoga, or at the barn working on becoming a better, stronger dressage rider.

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