3 Apps to Help You Decide What’s For Dinner

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Deciding what to eat is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make in an average day, probably. You have all these amazing things in your fridge and pantry, but no idea what to do with them. Sure, you can make the same recipes over and over again. Or, you can branch out and try something new. Normally, this would mean taking the time to look up new recipes, go to the store, come home, and start cooking. At that point, it just sounds easier to order take-out, right? Instead of reaching for the menus, or cooking the same dinner over and over again, here are three apps you can download that will help you decide what’s for dinner based on what you already have in your house.

SuperCook: Whether you’re using the website or the app, SuperCook is very easy to use. All you have to do is either choose the ingredients you have from their list, or type them in, then click, “Show Me Recipies”. You’ll instantly have a variety of recipes at your fingertips that are clearly marked “You’ve got all the ingredients!” or “Missing”, which lists what ingredients you would need to complete the recipe.

Cook Pad: A community-based app and website, this is another a simple way to search for recipes with ingredients you have on hand. What makes Cook Pad fun is that you can post pictures of how your recipe turned out, or submit your own recipes for others to try out.

AllRecipes: This is another great option if you’re looking to plug in ingredients and do a recipe search. What makes AllRecipes different from the other two, though, is that you can start following different types of recipes (Heart Healthy, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc.) to get personalized recommendations on what dishes you might like to try. These are recipes you’ll want to check out before heading to the grocery store, though, to make sure you have everything on hand when you try out something new.

Getting fit isn’t just about being physically active, but about eating more healthy too. It’s easy to stay in a food cycle of using the same recipes over and over because it’s what we’re comfortable with. But as we become more physically active, what our body needs changes. Branching out and trying new, healthier recipes might seem scary, but so did the idea of starting a journey towards fitness, or getting on a horse.

Nicole is a writer for Heels Down Media. If she's not writing or editing, she's either running, doing yoga, or at the barn working on becoming a better, stronger dressage rider.

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