Want to Get Fit But Short on Time? HIIT Up This 15 Minute Workout

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Staying physically fit can be extremely time consuming. If you want to be a fit rider, you have to go above and beyond the recommended half-hour of cardio and 10,000 steps a day but even just squeezing in a daily run — let alone a trip to the gym — is out of the question. Thankfully, there’s an option out there for people who want to squeeze in that quick, calorie-crushing workout in their busy schedules that doesn’t involve a trip to the gym or taking a fitness class.

One of 2017’s biggest fitness trends is HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training. This combines cardio and strength training using high-intensity intervals followed by short break periods. You don’t need any equipment to do HIIT, either: just your own body weight and gravity. HIIT is the perfect exercise if you want that jump-start workout in the morning before you get your day started, for your break in between activities, or even before bed.

Fitness Blender has put together a great series of free HIIT videos for the person looking to get in that quick workout who doesn’t want to spend money on fitness equipment. In this video, the focus is on your legs, core, and butt while keeping your heart-rate in that target cardio range. New to HIIT, or training in general? They provide low-impact, lower-intensity options so you can start to get into shape.

Nicole is a writer for Heels Down Media. If she's not writing or editing, she's either running, doing yoga, or at the barn working on becoming a better, stronger dressage rider.

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