Fit & Fresh: Yoga with Cats and Programmable Pasta. The Future is Now.

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Yoga? Cats? Yoga WITH cats? Count me in. @NYTimes

PSA: drinking coffee helps you workout better. It’s proven. @Cosmopolitan

Turns out, America’s heart health is linked to household income. @Fortune


Farm-raised salmon are naturally white and are given a chemical to turn them pink. Who knew? @TIME

Do “natural” and “artificial” food labels really mean what you think they do? Nope.@Forbes

Flat pasta that makes 3-D “programmable” shapes when added to water. The future is now. @CNN


Some days, you’ve just got to put on a Tone Fitness Apparel matching set and get it done.

Tone Fitness Apparel Radiant Compression Reversibles Photo Credit: Tone Fitness Apparel

Oh, and did I mention it’s reversible?

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