Fit and Fresh: The Hype of the SirtFood Diet and the $2.5 Million Stress Blanket

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Is the SirtFood diet worth the hype? The verdict: @WomansDay

Coffee drinkers, your prayers have been answered in this article. Coffee is officially healthy and may even help you live longer. @TIME

New research shows that childhood bullying not only has lasting effects on mental health, but physical health as well. @CTVNews


This blanket has raised more than $2.5 million on Kickstarter. Why, you ask? It claims to be “the solution to a stressed out society”. @Fortune

This carcinogen is in almost half of all personal care products. Is it in yours? @Glamour


good hYouman. Because no workout wardrobe is complete without graphic tanks.

Credit: good hYouman

Credit: good hYouman


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