Fit and Fresh: Smoothie Bowls and the Bra that Can Detect Breast Cancer

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Does it actually matter what time of day you shower? Apparently. @Glamour

Wonder Woman has partnered with Think Thin bars, and people are not happy about it. @Allure

The Instagram friendly trend that is smoothie bowls are not as low calorie as you think, but you should still eat them. @HuffingtonPost


An 18-year-old boy almost lost his mother to breast cancer, so he designed a bra to detect it. @WomansDay

Instagram’s #HereForYou campaign is making waves in the Mental Health Awareness Movement. @HuffingtonPost

This “noise” device may be the new key to speeding up ACL injury recovery. @CTVNews


Ultracor Knockout Leggings. The $200 leggings that took the world of fitness apparel by storm, sold out, then gained a 500 person wait-list.

Photo Credit: Bandier

It could be the super soft fabric, compression waistband or flattering cut that got them trending, but personally I think it’s the stars.

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