Fit and Fresh: Fruit-Infused Water Isn’t Magic, But Salad-Making Robots Are

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Newsflash: Fruit in your water doesn’t magically rid you of toxins or body fat. It does look pretty, though… @FitnessBlender

Should you eat before you work out? Maybe not if you want to burn fat, according to a new study. @CTVNews

Is your protein powder fermented? It should be, apparently. @CalgaryHerald


In case you weren’t sure – yes, robots will take over the world. In the meantime, this $30,000 robot will make you a salad. @CNN

“Vi” is the world’s first artificial intelligence personal trainer. She gives you training plans, cheers you on, and apparently sounds just like Scarlett Johansson. @mensfitness

Getting bored in the gym with the same old workout routine? Lift, cardio, lift, cardio…. Time to shake things up with these must-try fitness classes. @alive


Gymshark Impulse Jogger [Photo courtesy of]

We’re really into the athleisure trend, especially if the clothes are as comfy as pajamas: Gymshark Impulse Jogger

Because quality leggings and workout sets in all of your favourite neutrals are a need. Adanola Charcoal Full Length Legging

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