Best. Soup. Ever. Buffalo Chicken Soup from PaleOMG

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When I saw this recipe from one of my favorite blogs,, I just about knocked my laptop off my desk running to the kitchen to get it cookin’.

It did not disappoint! My parents and I chowed down on this. For my mom and I, it was a little spicy but delicious (and we cooled it off with some Tessemae’s ranch dressing which doesn’t have any weird/scary ingredients in it) and for my dad, the spice was just right. So keep that in mind and maybe adjust accordingly.

I didn’t use an Instant Pot for this (those things are pricey!) and instead, just softened all of the veggies in a crock pot while I went and rode. So don’t feel like you can’t make this recipe if you don’t have an Instant Pot. You could also use a regular pot too, and just supervise it a bit more. I also used a regular blender instead of an immersion blender and just blended the soup in batches.

Don’t skip the chopped chives on top! Trust me. That crunch is crucial.

Go here for Juli’s full description on how she makes it. It’s heavenly. Recipe from Paleomg below.

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