Whole Foods on a Budget?

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I will venture into Whole Foods only on the rarest occasion. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the food is fabulous and I love that it’s organic and often locally and sustainably sourced. But with these perks comes a hefty price tag. Standing in the checkout line feels like you’re about to be handed a verdict in court. It’s a blow.

I picked up some items I knew I’d either cook in the next day or two, or be able to freeze. I got a big pack of salmon (I’m usually scared of buying salmon because of the dyes they put in it sometimes), 2 whole chickens to make spatchcocked chicken, a few vegetables, and some kombucha because I’m addicted and they don’t sell it at my normal grocery store.

IT WAS $130 DOLLARS. I almost passed out when they rang me up. WHO has this kind of money?! Granted I stocked up on some quality meats, but that was a massive shock.

I started doing some research to dial in my grocery budget while still being able to get grass-fed, sustainably raised meats, because it’s important to me ethically. And, you eat what you eat…eats, and I believe in getting top-notch fuel if I’m going to make my body do things like powerlift and ride horses.

I stumbled on this video, called $50 Whole Foods Meal Prep Budget Challenge. If I could get by on $50/week on groceries while still sticking to my diet and ethical/environmental standards…count me in.

She makes smoothies, steel cut oats, veggie soup and chickpea salad, trail mix and a rice and chicken bowl. Skip to 1:34 for the good stuff.

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