30-Minute Pilates for Legs and Core

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I was needing a light workout after a heavy lift the day before, and wanted to take care of my spine and joints while still getting my core fired up. I gave this 30-minute pilates video a shot, and felt the burn without completely exhausting myself as I had a horse to ride later that day. I highly recommend it for a low-impact workout.

PS – I love Fitness Blender. They have tons and tons of free workout videos and are some of the most down-to-earth fitness pros on YouTube. For most of their workouts, you don’t need equipment so they can be done anywhere. They do lots of nutrition and lifestyle videos to support their workout videos, and I think it’s a great resource for folks who might not have a solid workout routine yet. I have zero affiliation with them, I just have personally used their videos and think they are great.

On to the workout!


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