Myofascial Release with a Lacrosse Ball

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I’ve been having these nagging persistent headaches that won’t go away. When my doctor asked me to describe what it felt like, I had no idea how to answer that question… an aching head? Super annoying and uncomfortable? Like I’m at my wit’s end?

Anyway, after some poking and prodding my physio/body work pro found that I’m super tight in my neck and jaw and traps (the muscles between your shoulders and neck). Everything is in knots, and it’s causing me tension headaches, especially on days after I weight train. I’ve even noticed it while riding, and I almost never notice stuff like that while I’m in the zone on my horse.

In an effort to get things loosened up, I’m seeing an acupuncturist every 2 weeks (thank GOD for her), applying heat before workouts, and doing self-myofascial release at home with a lacrosse ball. Also… it’s an excuse to take more bubble baths, which I don’t hate.

If you’re not foam rolling and lacrosse ball rolling, get on this train. It helps SO much. Yes, you feel like you’re dying while you’re doing it, but that means it’s working and it’s completely worth it.

I’m doing mostly my neck/base of skull/traps, but there are lots of videos out there that can guide you through it. Here’s one I like to use:

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