The Ultimate Low Carb Wrap

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Whether you’re watching your carbohydrate count or just trying to eliminate all processed foods from your diet, this is the best lunchtime option for when you’re craving a hearty wrap or burrito. It’s sturdy enough to hold everything together and won’t get soggy if you need to pack your lunch ahead of time.

So, what is it?

Collards! Before you turn up your nose and say “I don’t like collard greens”, I don’t like traditionally prepared collard greens either, but using a single collard leaf to wrap a bunch of deliciousness together is a different ball game. I actually don’t taste the collard hardly at all (it never tastes bitter to me), but it does add a nice crunch. I’ve wrapped both hot and cold wraps with collards and it’s equally delicious.

You can blanch the collard leaves or steam them before you make your wrap, but I usually just take a raw leaf and cut the thick stem part out with kitchen scissors.

Here’s one of my favorites, pictured above with a sweet potato with chipotle salsa – one of my go-to lunches.

Chicken (I just pull some meat off a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store)
Diced cucumber
Chopped red onion (it’s really yummy to pickle the onion in vinegar for about 10 minutes ahead of time)
Goat cheese or sriracha if you want even more flavor
…all wrapped up in a collard leaf!



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