Refrigerator Roulette

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When I arrived at my parent’s house the day before Thanksgiving, there was nothing in the fridge that wasn’t a) set aside for Thanksgiving dinner and therefore off-limits or b) processed/weird stuff that I don’t like to eat.

I didn’t have time to go to the store. I had a full day of work ahead including riding a few horses, and a workout that evening, so I knew I needed a hefty dose of protein to keep my energy up and fat to keep my brain happy.

I like to call this “Refrigerator Roulette” – I just grab whatever I can find that fits my diet and put it together in any way I can think of.

My parents have chickens so I know there will ALWAYS be eggs, unless the chickens stage an uprising and go on strike, but my parents are nice people so… there will always be eggs. Done! There’s my protein.

There are always frozen vegetables of some sort in the freezer. Even if they’ve been hanging out in the freezer for quite some time, whatever, they’re frozen. I grab a handful of frozen broccoli. Good to go for my greens.

I stole a few contraband grape tomatoes from the off-limits Thanksgiving pile.

There’s usually an avocado or guacamole in the fridge because my parents love all things Mexican food, so there’s my healthy fat.

I throw a little bit of EVOO in a small pan and toss in my handful of frozen broccoli. This only works because it’s chopped broccoli, not the big florets which would need to be boiled/steamed/otherwise defrosted before going into a pan. Since this broccoli is chopped up, it can cook through in the pan even though its frozen. This is NOT the Alton Brown method. This is the too-busy-to-bother method.

After that has cooked for a few mins and looks softened, I crack 3 eggs into the pan and scramble. As I’m stirring, I  toss in the grape tomatoes so they soften up as well. Salt + pepper + a tiny bit of garlic powder.

Cut the heat earlier than you think you need to, because the hot pan will continue to cook the eggs until they hit the plate, and overcooked scrambled eggs are a tragedy. Put some guacamole on the side. Maybe cover with hot sauce, if you’re fancy.

Ten minutes and 0 dollars later…you are fed.

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