Healthy Thanksgiving! Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes

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Anytime the word “chipotle” is in the recipe title, we’re in.

If you’re trying to prevent your Thanksgiving from being a complete belly-buster, swap the sweet potato casserole, which is often loaded with brown sugar and marshmallows, for this savory side.

Sweet potatoes are a great, balanced carbohydrate. If you’re trying to keep your carb count reasonable, switching white pasta and bread for things like sweet potato and quinoa is a great way to go. I also recommend choosing a quality, grass-fed butter for this recipe. You are what you eat eats, and grass-fed cows are a better option than corn-fed cows (and you’ll be supporting smaller businesses, and not giving your dollar to feed lots). How’s that for doing some good for yourself and others in the kitchen?

This recipe is courtesy of the amazing Alton Brown from the Food Network, so it’s guaranteed to be good.

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