Over the Shoulder Boulder: Best Sports Bras for Every Size

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I used to wear two sports bras when I went to a horse show; one wasn’t enough to support me through an 8+ hour day of riding and wearing two bras helped flatten my chest so I could actually button my shirt. Let’s be honest, most of us have probably experienced riding in a non-supportive bra – immediate regret sinks in as soon as you pick up the trot – your chest bouncing around like teenyboppers at a Taylor Swift concert. But whether you are a size A or DD, support is important, not only for our concentration, but our health and conformation as well.

Best Sports Bras for A-B Cups

From fuchsia to teal, sexy to frumpy – we have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to sports bras (though it might be good to steer clear of the leopard print if wearing a white shirt). Looking for that supportive, yet flexible bra to fit an A-B cup? Scope out the array of colors and styles from these top brands:

Nike PB Women’s everyday Short Bra Top

Smartwool PhD Seamless Strappy Bra

C9 Champion Enthusiast Racerback Bra

Best Sports Bras for B-C Cups

It doesn’t matter your background or size – we all need good support when sliding into the saddle. Don’t sweat it! Lucky for us, supportive sports bras are trending in the mainstream athletic brands! Check out a few of these:

New Balance Shapely Shaper Bra

Patagonia Compression Bra

Asics ARD Bra

Best Sports Bras for C-D Cups

Shoulders back without a pinch from your bra – now that sounds like a good change in pace! Find the best support to compliment your equitation – and give you the support you need for your girls – with these customer favorites:

Smartwool PhD Support Bra

New Balance Bonita Run Crop

Under Armour HeatGear Edure

Best Sports Bras for DD+ Cups

The bra industry has been hard at work to make sports bras not look like granny bras. Some of the more successful manufacturers are Moving Comfort, Nike and Lynx. Check out these popular models:

Nike Pro Rival Bra

Moving Comfort Maia

Lynx Cross Back

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