#TuesdayJuiceday: Kiwi Watermelon

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If all the Wellington sun (or the photos on Facebook) are making you wish for summery drinks, this vitamin packed smoothie is the perfect way to get a taste! 

kiwiwatermelon smoothie with

Kiwi Watermelon Smoothie

1 sliced kiwi

1 cup diced watermelon

1/2 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup grapes

2 cups spinach

1 cup of juice or coconut water

Add the watermelon to the blender first, then the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.

Pro tip: you can bag up several of these in one sitting and pop them in the freezer for a grab and go tasty treat (that’s also good for you)!

The secret to freezing your smoothie ingredients is the tools and the method. Start with the good quality, thick freezer resealable bags. Add the leafy greens first, then everything but the liquid. Squeeze all of the air out of the bag (this is how you avoid freezer burn – that nasty bit of frost on the foods in the back of your freezer). Mark the bags with the date, then lay in the freezer in a single layer on their sides so they freeze as quickly as possible!

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