Nutrition Prep School: Roasting Vegetables

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When it comes to healthy meals, there’s nothing like home cooking. Preparing foods at home often means fresher ingredients and more control over what goes into it! That means there are skills to learn, including how to roast your vegetables for a delicious and nutritious side dish.

Nutrition Prep School: Roasted Vegetables - get your healthy cooking basics down on

Vegetables get a bad rap, often relegated to an under-seasoned afterthought on your dinner plate. Fortunately, there is a better way. Roasting vegetables is simple, develops flavors beautifully and is an easy way to make enough for leftovers later. While there is a huge number of possible ways to flavor your roasted vegetables, there are a few basic principles to get you started.

Cut your vegetable to approximately the same size

Keeping everything about the same size means equal cooking time and even cooking. Smaller vegetables, like young carrots, can be roasted whole. 1 1/2′ to 2″ pieces a good go to size for starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash.

Oil Matters

A flavorful roasted vegetable needs a light, even coating with a cooking oil like olive oil or the higher heat friendly avocado oil. About 2 tablespoons per sheet of vegetables is a good starting point, but some porous vegetables like mushrooms will require a little extra. They should be just a little shiny and evenly coated.

Choose The Right Vessel

You might think that all oven-safe dishes are made equal but it’s simply not the case. Cooking vegetables, with their high water content, involves a great deal of evaporation. You’ll minimize the chances of mushy, soggy vegetables by using a shallow sheet pan. Baking dishes with higher sides keep the evaporating water cause more of a steamed effect than roasting.

Add Some Heat

Low and slow is a classic, fabulous way to cook – but not when you’re roasting vegetables. Instead, opt for 400-450 degrees for vegetables with a crispy caramelized surface.

Do you have a favorite vegetable dish?

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