Quick and Dirty Workout: Anywhere, Anytime!

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Need a quick workout to fit into a busy day? Try this:

X20 step-ups (alternating legs)

X15 plank jacks (jumping jack legs while holding a plank)

X10 air squats

X5 push-ups

Repeat this circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes. If you’re working hard that entire time you’re burning 250++ calories and are guaranteed to get your sweat on.

And yes I realize I am a stick figure art protege!

Workout Wednesday’s will be a new feature every week with a quick workout to do at the barn, at home, or anywhere! Also new, starting next week, will be Mobility Monday’s.. Which will focus on stretching and/or correctional exercises.

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Kathlyn Hossack

A long time equestrian, holder of a BSc. in Kinesiology, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I specialise in helping riders (and all sorts of athletes) understand their bodies and improve their movement potential.

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