Toe-Touches and Push-Ups: 2 Minute Challenge #2

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It was only -1 out this morning so outside we went for the 2 minute challenge! Plus a nice 3.5km walk/run.

Today, try this!

Toe-touch sequence, starting with heels raised, then flat footed, then toes raised. Repeat each segment x5.

toe 1

Fitness 2

If you don’t have railway tracks handy, a pole works or even a book on the ground!

Then, 5 push-ups.

Fill your 2 minutes with 2-4 rounds of those two beauties. If you can, do it outside! You’ll feel even more awesome!

Kathlyn Hossack

A long time equestrian, holder of a BSc. in Kinesiology, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I specialise in helping riders (and all sorts of athletes) understand their bodies and improve their movement potential.

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